Spring break! {i know, i know its rather late...}

but i mean really? look at the weather! it still seems like winter!

Spring break... I wish it wasn't over... but it is so now i get the awesome opportunity to blog all about it!

To start it off, i went to southern California to a little lonely place called Borrego Springs... Its out in the desert completely surrounded by............................. NOTHING!
Now its my honor to tell you ALLLLLLLLL about my fabulous trip.

***I'm warning you now- this post may be long and boring for some. I will try to make it as interesting as possible! and to make it less of my chatter and more creative, i will be telling it mainly in pictures! {My goal for the trip was to take lots of pictures to post for you!}***  its so long ive decided to use a page break with this one!

 All right. Enough of my chatter!!!!!! Here goes nothing!

First, after many delays, stops, and super windy roads {seriously, not to gross you out or anything, i almost puked on that stupid windy road...} we made it to Borrego Springs! I thought i would also share this photo because the main road in Borrego was called Christmas Circle!

Just a brief summary here of what we did: Swam, went on hikes, swam, went to the coffee shop, swam! Oh did i mention we did A LOT of swimming???
On Friday, we spent the day flying, waiting in airports, and driving on thee super duper windy road.

On Saturday, we met some friends, who were staying in Palm Springs, at the Salton Sea. Let me just tell you that the sea is very stinky, its a salt sea filled with (you guessed it!) salt, and there are hundred on dead fish lining the shore. Oh and in the morning we went to the art fair but that's not as fun as the Salton Sea...

This is what our day looked like in pictures:

And... My bestie, Casey! You can find her here! Give her a visit!:

Sunday... We went swimming and did a little shopping... Trust me, there is not much in Borrego Springs!!! I didn't take any pictures that day so I don't have any to show you...

but on to Monday!!!



 Now for the rest of the week, we took pictures of bunnies, went swimming a
 nd went sho
 pping at the market in town. Here are some pictures to show how much fun we had!

Were not done yet though! 
Thursday we took a fun, windy hike through the slot. 
Lots of places to climb... my brother took advantage of that!

We take this picture every time we go one this hike... 

It is so cool how the rocks form a little hiking trail for hikers to be able to explore and walk around... it is narrow though!  both up and down!

Well that was on thursday and after that we took a couple more swimming trips before packing up and going home on monday...
Sorry this is such a long post and hope you weren't tooo bored with it!
next to come: The forever procrastinated Satin Flower Tutorial!
xoxo Hanna

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