Recap 2011

So in about 2 days, it will be 2012.
thats crazy.  this year seemed like it flew by!
Ive seen this idea on many blogs and think its a great idea to document just the important memories made each year. 

my year in months:
Didn't blog yet.  
ya thats about all i can think of right now. pretty exciting month, huh?
Started blogging! 
Went skiing.  and skiing.  and skiing some more.
Birthday month! Got my own skis and boots! 
Changed my blog around.  
Spring Break spent in Borrego Springs.  Blogged about here
Started the Jazz up your blog series.  find them here.
Wished everyone a Happy Birthday.  Just look at my archives.  There are around 5 or 6.  There are a lot of may b-days!
7th Grade was finally over!  Summer was starting.
blogged. blogged. and crafted.
Took a trip up to Mt. St. Helens. Blogged about it here.
Summer Camp.  Blogged about here.
Annual Wallowa Lake Trip. Blogged about here, here, and here.
Tree to Tree Adventure Park.  Blogged about here
and my first modeling experience! blogged about here.
Started my 8th grade year.
Finally finished up some crafts
got distracted from blogging and didn't update as often as i would have liked to. 
My soccer team took a trip to the beach. Such a fun weekend with these fun ladies!
I got my first DSLR camera.
Time for new beginnings and new memories to start!


The Bag Bargain

So i got this bag today. at DSW.

it was previously priced at $69.00
then it was marked down to $39.99
then it was reduced even more on clearance by 40%
which made it $23.00
we used some coupons and in the end, got a $70 bag for $8.  

can you believe it? crazy right? gotta love the clearance racks!


Merry Christmas!

Just dropping in to wish you a


I will post all about it at some point this next week! then comes new years...

merry christmas


The week before christmas

***this was supposed to be posted last sunday, but i never got around to finishing it...***

it is one week until Christmas eve.
and i cant wait. i have a feeling this week is going to go by really slowly...
but thats ok! cuz i plan to do many projects! i would list them all out for you but that would be a lot of work so im just going to send you to my pintrest if youre really interested!


You should...

Follow me.

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Christmas Wish List

This is mainly just for family members... like dad...
but i thought id share it anyways...

these jeans, or these, or these!!
this is more of a dream... id like one like it but not as expensive!! maybe more like this... in a solid color
these shoes, or these, or these!!

ok so maybe these are a little more affordable...
these boots
Opi expresso or some shiny color that sparkles :) like these
this scarf
this necklace or this one or this one

well i can't really think of much else...
and fyi- the red colored word are just examples as i understand they are mostly all too expensive. Im just looking for something similar.
oh ya... and this is what i want most :)

Happy Holidays!!


I say... but never do...

Many people can probably agree with me when i say that I am one of those people who always says and never actually does anything...
 like for example...
1. I need to post some more tutorials. 
i really do.  but i probably will never get around to it.
2. I pin but never actually try any of them...
3.  I will post at least 3x a week...
that never ends up happening...

those are just a couple of the many ideas i always procrastinate actually doing something!  
so, for the next 4 weeks of december until New Years, I am going to accomplish something.

I will post more tutorials, try some pins out, and post more often!

among many more, which i will blog about!

so that is why i am starting DO IT.  

DO IT! stop staying and start doing!

Live Craft Blog


I went to church today...

And I came home thinking something id probably never think of...

I want to adopt a little child.  Or two.
It won't happen now, because my parents say "no way" to everything it seems like...
But i want to when i'm older. 
And have a family of my own... thats when i want to adopt a child.

I want to help the children in orphanages who don't have a family.  
or a home.

I want to adopt a little child.


Just a little too much...

Well i don't think it has stopped raining since sunday night when it started.  

Its just a little too much for my liking :)

right now i am...

right now i am...
at 5:00 pm on Sunday, November 20, 2011...
Watching: The time

Eating: nothing...  but waiting for dinner...

Drinking: water, yes in a thermos-type cup...

Wearing: sweater: Macy's (i think...) top: Old Navy jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Payless

shoes look like this:
Womens BrashWomen's Taylor Tall Slouch Boot

Avoiding: homework

Feeling: happy, tired, sad that it is a sunday night...

Missing: my other ring.  i lost it.

Thankful: That it is only a 2 day week!

Weather: dark.  cold.

Praying: that these next 2 days will fly by and then we will get to thanksgiving!!
Pinned Image
Needing: a puppy. but that wont happen.
Thinking: that i really don't want to write a brief for mock trials in social studies

Dreaming: that i will snow.  
Loving: my new camera. and loving that its only a week away until i can go skiing!
canon rebel t3


Early Christmas Present

I got a SLR Canon Rebel! 
its the canon rebel T3 version incase you were wondering :)

Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera

I wanted to be able to use it for thanksgiving and the holidays this year so i got it early! 
and i'm LOVING it!

so far i only have the lens it came with, 
{the 18-55mm lens}
but i  know i want some more in the future!
{there's your hint :)}
or if you just wanted to suggest what lens i should consider buying next, that would help a lot!

i know, i know, i have to post more often! and there are some days off of school coming up and so i'm hoping to catch up with blogging then... 

At the moment, i am squeezing this very blog post in with all of my other homework...

i will leave you now with some pictures i took with that very camera ^ up there!

I admit, i need some more variety.  but nature is kinda the most interesting thing to photograph around my place 'cuz we dont have a pet of any kind :)

thats why im excited for thanksgiving, because we will be traveling to new scenery :)
more on that to come... probably after thanksgiving...


a giveaway...

Not mine! but i thought i would get another entry let you know of Little Miss Momma's giveaway! 

she is giving a silhoutte cameo. 
i figured its worth a shot! 

this will be a lonely post for a while... 
maybe thanksgiving i will post again...


I dont know if uve noticed, but a lot of blogs are giving away the same thing... so i will also enter 
I heart nap time's! 



i have been {M}issing {I}n {A}ction around here in the blogging world...

And i will be for at least another weekend....

Tomorrow my soccer team leaves for the beach... 

I can't wait it should be so much fun!

Tonight there is a football game...

And i have quite a bit of homework...

So i may post on Sunday about the beach or even maybe about Halloween...

but you never know...

because homework has seemed to take a higher priority then blogging at this moment in my life...

so until i post again, 

adios, amigos!


right now i am...

stealing a quick post idea from this blog :)

right now i am...

Watching: time pass really fast before me.
Eating: nothing. But soon to eat dinner.
Drinking: water.
Wearing: a plain tanktop, jeans and fuzzy socks.
Avoiding: homework.
Feeling: like im hungry for dinner soon... and i am in the mood for spaghetti. dont think thats happenin'
Missing: sleep. 
Thankful: that i don't have too much homework. but i still have some.
Weather: gloomy. gray. cold.
Praying: that maybe i can get a dog in the near future.  ya right.
Needing: some food.  and some new clothes, shoes, and pretty much everything.
Thinking: that i should really start my homework.  like now.  
Dreaming: for a puppy.  specifically from here.
Loving: the warmth of my room.


Its almost Halloween.

And I have hardly posted anything at all. 
So i do have some posts in the works that should be posted sometime in the next week:

-a fall-themed party
-tutorials from that party
-possibly a Halloween post at some point.
-Some other crafty tutorials 
-any other post ideas that i find from stalking other blogs :)


So. How was your week?

Just some thoughts on the week...

While I could be doing homework, or finishing up some posts about summer that still aren't dont, instead, I decide to blog.  

I am taking a year-long Spanish class this year so just a fair warning to everyone-  sooner or later i will probably be writing some words in Spanish...  

This week seemed to go by really fast for me... 

I have 8 am soccer games on saturday mornings like every week.  Saturdays are supposed to be the day you get to sleep in.  at least a little.  no, not now, cuz now im having to wake up 30 min earlier than school mornings.  poop.

thats ok tho, cuz then when its over, it feels like 1 pm when its really only like 9:30 am.  yay!

thats really all i can think of so i am now going to go to sleep so i can get up tomorrow.  

good nite!


New month = New change

If you noticed, I have changed a couple of things around here!  nothing major, but since i changed the header, i figured i would change the button too!  I am always looking for ways to match things...


Its October.

Which means-

+30 Days until Halloween.
+Soccer is now underway and our team is improving.
+homework.  nuf' said.
+sick days.
+its actually starting to get cold.
+decorating for fall! check out my pinned stuff!
+warm blankets and fuzzy socks on the weekends
    i think that list is long enough for now... im hoping i can get back into blogging more!


    Next up...

    I need something new to do.  Ive finished all my other projects and so now here are my options with some help from Pinterest!

    A pillowcase would be a fun, quick project before school starts.

    makeup roll?


    Quilted placemats

    Perhaps some more pillows?

    or wall art?

    I could just play with crayons!

    Paint and canvas?

    Or maybe some patchwork... 

    Some many ideas, so little time.

    Do you have any ideas?