Simply Saturday! {And some news...}

Ok. Lets see how well this works! Im thinking we will all enjoy this version of simpy saturdays much more than the last! well here goes-

Random things about me you probably don't already know:

1. I cannot stand gnats. I know their harmless, but they seriously annoy me!

2. I cannot just eat yogurt. Doesn't work for me. I have to either eat tiny spoonfuls or drink it.

3. Some of you know this. I have not worn matching socks since 4th grade. Thats 3 and 1/2 years. It started with a bet i made with my friends and i haven't worn matching ones since!


Just thought i would share this with you...

Blog news!-

Im working on a new signature...

I made and designed a new background and header for my blog already if you haven't noticed...

The spring break posts are on their way! Their being edited!

Social news!-

One of my closest besties, Anna, has currently 10 puppies at her house!

You can visit her adorable blog here

And you can see the adorable puppies here! There are still some left to buy!

ok... I believe thats it for now...

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