Jazz up YOUR blog!

New Series!  Just for 3 weeks, I will have a new tutorial up every week on how to JAZZ UP YOUR BLOG!

The Very first one is how to make a HEADER!
A header makes your blog look more like YOU!  This is a very handy add-on to your blog and it is really quite simple!  If you noticed, I've changed mine about 5 times since December...

There are many, many, many places to make a free header! 
 or design your own with pictures on  
  • Picasa 3
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Paint.  
  • Editing sites- picnik.com or fotoflexer.com
  • My personal favorite?  
  • shabbyblogs.com under the designs tab.  
  • Or just type into google, 'free blog headers' and with not much surfing, you should find some site with a header you love!  
On this tutorial, I will show you how I made the header I have now from shabbyblogs.com!  Their blog decor is more funky looking and really cool!  go check it out!

1.  I downloaded the original photo to Picasa, where I edited it. There are many sites out there, but I do all mine on Picasa and picnik.com mostly because they have what I need and its easy to use.  Occasionally i will use fotoflexer.com as well.  Many people use photobucket.

2.  Then I added some text and adjusted it to my liking.  This is where you can make a collage out of your photos, add text, or any symbols you like!  Make it fun!

 3.  Export it and save it as a file to your computer so you can download it onto blogger.
4.  Now it is in a folder and you can close your editing program.  
5.  Open blogger and log in.  Click on the design tab and then click edit on your header.  

6.  Then click the choose file button and choose your file from where you save it earlier.  

7.  Make sure to click the circle beside the text that says 'instead of title and description' so you don't have both.
8.  Click the orange save button on the pop-up as well as the design tab!  There you have your blog header!

***You might have to resize it using your editing programs if it turned out to be too big or too small.  

Come back for another Tutorial next Tuesday!

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