Bad Blogger Updates...

Alright,  so it kinda seems that time is just flying by.  so while i have a few minutes, ive decided to do some updates.

Currently some shows im loving:
(and hating)

The bachelor.  He is not even cute this season and for goodness sakes, get rid of Courtney!

and Dance Moms: the best show in the world!

and Pretty Little Liars:

oh and glee! Did anyone see the last episode? ahh! Doesn't air another episode until April 5th...

Im sure there are more shows im forgetting... but ok back to not blogging! 
hopefully i will have some time to catch up on the photo 365 project soon!


Photo 365 Project: Weeks 3 and 4

Ok so i have been slacking a bit.  But here's the past 2 weeks photos:

January 16, Snow at the Beach!

January 17, Treacherous journey home.

January 18, new hairstyle!
January 19, I am loving this color- found here

January 20, Water Marbling technique worked much better the 2nd time! info and tutorials found here on my pinterest board.  

January 21, Scrabble Tournament! I didn't play, just watched!

January 22, My beautiful friend.  We took pictures and got some ideas from pinterest.  

January 23, Girl Scouts.  We have finally gotten started and have continued with our Silver Award.

January 24, photography.

January 25, Pizza.  Yum.

January 26, Time with the fam.

January 27, Took more pictures with friends.  maybe i will post some.  they turned out great.  who can't resist this little pup?

January 28, Made some Reese's PB Cookies... YUM! will post the recipe soon...

January 29, More time with the fam on a sunday!


Photo 365 Project: Week 2

I can't believe the week is already over! here is week 2's pictures:

January 9, My new favorite hair style. 
January 10, Chopped up 2 whole chocolate bars for a cake glaze/frosting.  the one in the next picture. 

January 11, Chocolate Cinnamon cake- recipe is coming soon
January 12, Next book.  Little Women.  

January 13, Testing out and experimenting with my camera.  On Lake  Oswego.  

January 14, Went to the beach for my mom's birthday.  

January 15, Started knitting a scarf! I will show you the end results soon.  when its done of course :)


A rare day of an 8th grader...

Since today is a VERY rare day, i figured id do something with it!! 
Maybe I will actually finish or do something on Pinterest??

maybe a Craft & DIY

*** on a side note, this is my 100th post! yahoo! I have been blogging for a little under a year now! It will be a year on February 4th.  thats like 3 weeks away.  maybe i will do something big? we will see!


Photo 365 Project: Week 1

So. This is the first week of the Photo 365 Project! Im very excited to keep this going because at the end of the year i know it will be fun to reflect.  This week has 8 days, sunday through sunday, but every other week will only have monday's through sunday's! ok here we go!

January 1, Science fair project.

January 2, More science fair project.
 I promise there will be not be anymore about the science fair.  unless i get one on the actual night of the fair.  ok moving on.  
January 3, I discovered 'Blogpress' for iphone/ipod. and i wrote my resolutions.  

January 4, My ABSOLUTE favorite chapstick.  the minty flavor.  TO-DIE-FOR. I cannot live without it!

January 5, Alice in Wonderland. Finally done.  As a project for school, it was really boring.  

January 6, Playing around with shutter speed and light. 

January 7, had to clean this mess.  thats about the most exciting thing that happened that day :)

January 8, The sun was BEAUTIFUL before we headed to church! You could see the rays through the trees... oh my goodness. it was gorgeous.  

ok. week one down, 51 more to go! 


A slight change

to the resolutions i made yesterday... Remember the one about the 365 photo project?  Ya so i thought of an easier more effecient way to post the photos.  I will post the past weeks each sunday.  That way i also have more time to upload them to the computer and such... 

ok. well you all have a nice day now.  thats all i have time for today!


2012 New Years resolutions

so i know this is kinda late. but i still want to post them cuz if i dont, it will probably be even less likely i will follow through with them. so here goes nothin!

1. this is a small one, but its something i got to do!
floss once a day. every day. for the next bajillion years. or at least until i die.

2. dont procrastinate. especially with homework and assignments. oh and projects... (like the science fair)

3. travel. but thats out of my control as i dont have enough money and im in 8th grade. ya. but this year we are traveling alot! thanks to my fathers business trips! we are going to Deer Valley, Hawaii, and Arizona... just to name a few. all within about 1 month... id like to travel somewhen more exciting. or somewhere i havent been before. but this is a start!

4. oh ya. of course. Keep up this blog! try to post regularly. or at least more craft tutorials!

5. cook more. or try to.

6. Learn how to use my canon rebel t3 better. teach myself and take some classes! take more photos.

7. do a photo 365 project. i will take one photo everyday. of anything. small, big, exciting, boring. anything! i will post them when i have the chance but there might be a few posted on one day. if u know what i mean... just warning you in advance. i have done it so far! so we will see how this goes!

ok well thats 7. thats enough. for now. as it is 10:50 at nite and i have school tomorrow! i will add more if i think of some...

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