A pointless post.

I am just going to post about our trip in the next couple of days a lot so why post today anyways? 

I will take today off with a pointless post.  Hope you enjoyed the last week's post!  It was a lot for one week! 

Happy Blogging!



Northwest Children's Outreach


It is an amazing place that you can help out for an hour or so, depending on where you live.
{If you don't live in Oregon or Washington, sorry, your out of luck!} 
 My family and I go when we can and it is acually pretty fun! 

they have boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes for spring, summer, fall, and winter.  We donate most of our old clothes to there now as well as books and toys.  

This picture is of a bunch of bags ready to be delivered to kids around Portland/Metro area. 

Find one near you, and help!


Guest Post!

Hey everybody!

Hanna is out on a vacation this week, so I am taking over her blog!
Mwah hahahaha (JK)!

Hanna and I met in 1st grade, on a soccer team, which is still the same team today (go Athena!)
We were best friends from the start!
But we really started hanging out in 2nd grade, when we were in Mrs.Mather's class together!
Then came 3rd and 4th grade, and we were still best friends!
and 5th, and 6th,
and now 7th and 8th
and hopefully all the rest!

Hanna and I see each other almost everyday,
whether it is at school,
one of our houses,
the park,

We do EVERYTHING together
Watching movies
Taking Pictures!

Skiing Sisters




Some new shorts.

Made from pants.  I have been wanting some khaki shorts for a while now and when I found something similar to these in my drawer that I haven't ever worn, I made them into shorts!  And now I love them! 

they go with anything! and its nice to have a break from the jeans and Nike sports shorts for a while!

They go with anything! Stripes, solids, colors, patterns, you name it! 
And they weren't that hard to re-fashion either!

cut, pin, hem, sew!


more painting.

We had a power outage for about 5 hours on Saturday and I was pretty bored without the computer for blogging so I painted.  

I started with two of these- 

I transformed them then into a couple paintings for my room to hang with my shoe box lid decor. 

I am pretty obsessed with using painters tape at the moment so that is what I did.  

My Initials

Then I hung them in the same line/area as the lids-

After my room is painted when I get back from vacation, I will hang the lids like the example you saw yesterday here.


Living In PDX {Portland Art Museum}

They had a car exhibit. It was my grandpa's birthday.  enough said. 

I will just entertain you with  photos of our day with a couple captions :)

My Brother
Entering the exhibit
Just some of the many cars they had on display.

we then got a little lost on the way to a late lunch.
But we finally found it.  Violetta's.  Yum Yum.

It was raining.  But the salmon cake sandwich, let me tell you, was amazing!

while we were there, there was some Oregon ballet thing going on.

fun day to spend on my Grandpa's Birthday!

And of course I need a little craftiness added in to every post

Here's the card I made him.

I think its my favorite yet and will definitely be made in the future!


I am leaving.

For a whole week.  And while I am gone, I have some surprises for you!  Maybe a guest post or two, a couple tutorials, and possibly an update about where I am! 

I am going somewhere where there is no internet or cell service so I have to go to town to be able to post!  

And knowing how much I post regularly, I know that it wont happen... 

I am so excited to get away for a whole week from texting, emailing, blogging, you name it! 

Just to spend a wonderful week with family and friends on a beautiful lake! 

{ Thats all you get to know for now :) }

Oh and I leave this Sunday!


I'm Back!!!

I have been at camp all week.  Where I tried to take pictures, but only ended up with a few.  The week was filled with worship, meeting new friends, games, and tons of crazy, fun, new, memories!  

I went knowing all of about one person in my cabin.  

I left knowing 7.

There were AMAZING people there and we all had an awesome week! 
{Even though it rained}

We sang our hearts out at celebrations, we created and performed skits, and danced like crazy people!

We swam in the lake and played on the beach.

There was campfire each night and one night there was a bonfire on the beach.  

The week went by WAY too fast in my opinion, but I am sure glad to be home and am now looking forward to our next vacation! 


Where in the World?

Is this???

Yes! You guessed right!  Mt St Helens! 
That was our most recent day trip!

First we saw big foot...

Then Mt St Helen kept getting bigger...
and bigger...
and bigger....

and bigger...
 Then we were as close as we could get.

We saw snow on the side of the road!

These are all the attempts to get a picture of all of us... 

As we left Mt St Helens, it was around dinner time....
We settled on this place...
It was delicious! 

With a fabulous view off of the deck!

Including crazy people jumping off the bridge...

And yes, in fact, their Homemade cobbler was AMAZING!
 Patty's Place, at 19 mile house

It was a great day with lots of fun memories!  Even the weather cooperated for us with not a cloud to be seen!