Simply Saturday {and a little Friday adventure}

To start off, an update about me!  I am going to a fancy dinner/auction thing for JDRF and I'm so excited!  I get to dress up and be all fancy!  So that is what my Simply Saturday is going to be about!

1.  I love to dress up and attend formal events!  I find it so much fun!

2.  I takes me {literally} all day to get ready for an event...  

3.  I always get butterflies in my stomach before hand!  

Now onto what happened on Friday... 

I went shopping with a couple of my friends and had a blast!  we did all the things normal teenagers would do...

- Didn't eat lunch...  Just had candy!
- Looked in just about every store we passed by
- Sprayed ALL the fragrances in Bath&Body Works...
- I got a dress for the dinner/auction event tonight
- Spent our money without really debating if we needed it or not...

These are the only photos I managed to take on our shopping adventure....

Yep, We had a fun day!

{coming up: the LAST post in the 'Jazz up your Blog' series!}


Easter Sunday

I have decided to show you a little about who we are:

On Easter Sunday 2011: Me and my Brother:

I will leave you with this!


Jazz up YOUR blog!

This is the 2nd post in the series to experiment and make your blog more YOU!  In this post, I will show you how to add a specialized signature to the end of all your posts!

To design it, I just used this website.  It was the easiest!  Otherwise, if you want something different, you will have to design it using Paint, Picasa, Photobucket, Microsoft, or any of the other programs you like!

Step one:
Follow the steps on the online signature maker website to create it!

Step two:
When you get the to the step that says Finished, click "want to use this signature" to access the HTML code.

Step three:
Click "Generate HTML code"

Step four:
Click "Generate a code for my Handwritten Signature" which should be the first option.

Step five:
You will get the HTML code there.  Copy it.

Step six:
Log into Blogger.  Go to the 'settings' tab, then to 'formatting' under settings.

Scroll all the way down and where it says "post-template", delete any text that might be there and paste your HTML code into the box.  Click "Save Settings" and your done!  Every time you start a new post, your signature should be there and you can just type the post like normal but with the signature! You can deal with it as though it is a picture!

Voila!  You have your very own signature!
  Next week will be the last for the Blog tutorials, but there will mean there will be tons of more time for crafty blog posts!



My friend, Anna Martin, is an opera singer!  She has been in a couple different shows now. 
The ones I saw was Hansel and Gretel and Street Scene!

Saturday night, I went out with Casey and her mom to dinner.  We joined Anna and her family until she had a call time!  We went to Harborside and it was DELICIOUS!  I would definitely recommend it!  
It was a beautiful day yesterday, so to get off topic- I went skiing in the morning! 

Anyways, back to the opera!  
After dinner, we drove a couple minutes away to Lincoln Hall to see Street Scene!
The Show times if you were interested are: April 23rd at 7:30pm, April 25th at 7:30pm, April 27th at 7:30pm, April 29th at 7:30pm, May 1st at 2:00pm

It was an okay show.  Not my favorite I liked Hansel and Gretel better, but certain parts were great!  Anna did a great job though!  

It was a fun night out with my girls!  


Simply Saturday!

Better late than never!  

And I thought that while I was at it, Happy Easter!
I will post some pictures sometime this week!

  1. I have a tradition for when I go skiing!  Every time we stop at the Dairy Queen on the way back, I always get a chocolate Xtreme Blizzard!  YUM YUM!
  2. I have been to 2 operas, both of which my friend has been in!  (more about this subject later...)
  3. I'm sick of the Oregon Rain! (And I think mostly everybody else is too!)

(I deleted my signature on accident and am too lazy to find a way to add it back in so this will do for now!)


Jazz up YOUR blog!

New Series!  Just for 3 weeks, I will have a new tutorial up every week on how to JAZZ UP YOUR BLOG!

The Very first one is how to make a HEADER!
A header makes your blog look more like YOU!  This is a very handy add-on to your blog and it is really quite simple!  If you noticed, I've changed mine about 5 times since December...

There are many, many, many places to make a free header! 
 or design your own with pictures on  
  • Picasa 3
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Paint.  
  • Editing sites- picnik.com or fotoflexer.com
  • My personal favorite?  
  • shabbyblogs.com under the designs tab.  
  • Or just type into google, 'free blog headers' and with not much surfing, you should find some site with a header you love!  
On this tutorial, I will show you how I made the header I have now from shabbyblogs.com!  Their blog decor is more funky looking and really cool!  go check it out!

1.  I downloaded the original photo to Picasa, where I edited it. There are many sites out there, but I do all mine on Picasa and picnik.com mostly because they have what I need and its easy to use.  Occasionally i will use fotoflexer.com as well.  Many people use photobucket.

2.  Then I added some text and adjusted it to my liking.  This is where you can make a collage out of your photos, add text, or any symbols you like!  Make it fun!

 3.  Export it and save it as a file to your computer so you can download it onto blogger.
4.  Now it is in a folder and you can close your editing program.  
5.  Open blogger and log in.  Click on the design tab and then click edit on your header.  

6.  Then click the choose file button and choose your file from where you save it earlier.  

7.  Make sure to click the circle beside the text that says 'instead of title and description' so you don't have both.
8.  Click the orange save button on the pop-up as well as the design tab!  There you have your blog header!

***You might have to resize it using your editing programs if it turned out to be too big or too small.  

Come back for another Tutorial next Tuesday!


My Sunday Consisted of....


At my absolute favorite store! 

It was a fun shopping trip because...

I got to spend time with my mommy...
I got 8 shirts for around 55 bucks!
That's about $7 for 1 shirt!

Which is good!  

They are having a MAJOR spring sale right now so head on over there! 

Super cute clothes for cheap!  What I love!

So, what did your SUNDAY consist of?


Simply Saturday

This post is going to be short and simple because there is not much I can think of to write about!

Onto the Saturday business!  I have chosen to do a theme with this one post and it will be Outdoors and Nature!

1. I am absolutely sick of the rain!  It has rained non-stop and I am getting quite sick of it... (literally too!)

2.  I love the snow.  If I could, I would play in the snow all day during the winter.  

3.  (Noticed how I only said 'winter' in #2?)  Because I need my sun!  


Today was an uneventful day...

I stayed home sick from school.  SOOOO.......  I made bread!  I followed the recipe my friend Emily, posted here.  It was delicious!  Thanks Emily for the recipe!

It was so easy that I think I am going to make it one of the things I cook more often!

It was my first time and this is how it turned out to look like:

Yum Yum Yum!!

New Poll!

Check it out and VOTE!


What's up with LOJ?

I've decided to tell you a little about what's up with LOJ!
  • Well, we are nearing the end of the school year and next year I'm going to be an 8th grader!  Yippee! 
  • This is the 4th quarter so classes are starting to wind down. 
  • We have a short class called 'power class' and what it is, is that it's a 30 minute class at the end of the day Wednesday through Friday.  We get to choose between many classes and some are fun while others are study hall.  I chose drawing nature!  All my friends are in it (well, not really) but many of them are so I am sooooooo  excited for this quarter's power class!
  • On a down note, i have to take PE this quarter and i am NOT looking forward to that! 
  • In social studies we are working on this huge project called the Renaissance Faire.  Our group has to have a tent in which we incorporate knitting!  So that's what i will be working on for a month or so! 
  • There are also tons of birthdays coming up in may, my brothers, Anna, and many other friends so i have to start thinking of what to get them! 
  • I have had a cold for the past couple days and trying to get over it!  I have gone through a whole bag of cough drops already and working my way through another! 
  • The sun is finally starting to show itself around here in Portland, Oregon so that is definitely a plus for SPRING!
Well I guess that's all I have for now!  {I will try to come up with some more exciting posts now and then!}


Satin Flower Tutorial

Finally I have time to post this tutorial as promised!

So here goes nothing! It only takes 5 easy steps!
Tutorial for a Satin Flower!

Here is the one i made.  You can have fun and twist the directions to fit what you are looking for!


  • Satin- {or any shiny fabric that will melt when burnt instead of just burning}
  • Lighter/matches
  • Hot glue gun
  • Filler beads or anything you desire to put in the center

Step one:
Cut 5 circles out of your fabric.  they should be smaller than the one before it like these:

***the wrinkles were ironed out before I burned them!

Step two:
Burn the 5 circles around the edges so they turn up towards the middle.
Step three:Hot glue each circle on top of each other.

Step four:
Put a big blob of glue in the center of the smallest circle on top.  Then push the beads {or whatever you decided to use} into the glue so they cover the blob.

Step five:
Glue a bobby pin on the back.  Or you could just glue it straight to a headband, but this way you can wear it different ways with or without a headband! 

Hopefully there will be some more tutorials in the near future!

post signature


Spring break! {i know, i know its rather late...}

but i mean really? look at the weather! it still seems like winter!

Spring break... I wish it wasn't over... but it is so now i get the awesome opportunity to blog all about it!

To start it off, i went to southern California to a little lonely place called Borrego Springs... Its out in the desert completely surrounded by............................. NOTHING!
Now its my honor to tell you ALLLLLLLLL about my fabulous trip.

***I'm warning you now- this post may be long and boring for some. I will try to make it as interesting as possible! and to make it less of my chatter and more creative, i will be telling it mainly in pictures! {My goal for the trip was to take lots of pictures to post for you!}***  its so long ive decided to use a page break with this one!

 All right. Enough of my chatter!!!!!! Here goes nothing!

First, after many delays, stops, and super windy roads {seriously, not to gross you out or anything, i almost puked on that stupid windy road...} we made it to Borrego Springs! I thought i would also share this photo because the main road in Borrego was called Christmas Circle!

Just a brief summary here of what we did: Swam, went on hikes, swam, went to the coffee shop, swam! Oh did i mention we did A LOT of swimming???
On Friday, we spent the day flying, waiting in airports, and driving on thee super duper windy road.

On Saturday, we met some friends, who were staying in Palm Springs, at the Salton Sea. Let me just tell you that the sea is very stinky, its a salt sea filled with (you guessed it!) salt, and there are hundred on dead fish lining the shore. Oh and in the morning we went to the art fair but that's not as fun as the Salton Sea...

This is what our day looked like in pictures:

And... My bestie, Casey! You can find her here! Give her a visit!:

Sunday... We went swimming and did a little shopping... Trust me, there is not much in Borrego Springs!!! I didn't take any pictures that day so I don't have any to show you...

but on to Monday!!!



 Now for the rest of the week, we took pictures of bunnies, went swimming a
 nd went sho
 pping at the market in town. Here are some pictures to show how much fun we had!

Were not done yet though! 
Thursday we took a fun, windy hike through the slot. 
Lots of places to climb... my brother took advantage of that!

We take this picture every time we go one this hike... 

It is so cool how the rocks form a little hiking trail for hikers to be able to explore and walk around... it is narrow though!  both up and down!

Well that was on thursday and after that we took a couple more swimming trips before packing up and going home on monday...
Sorry this is such a long post and hope you weren't tooo bored with it!
next to come: The forever procrastinated Satin Flower Tutorial!
xoxo Hanna