Well I certainly do have some catching up to do!

First order of business:  I have put a new poll up on the side bar- Go check it out!

Second order of business: I have started a new blog! It is going to be strictly a craft blog so I will no longer be posting craft tutorial and such on this blog.  I will keep posting blogging tutorials and tips though so stay tuned for some new ones coming up!  Go visit my craft blog HERE! And follow it!

Then, come back.  And read the rest of this post.

Number 3 on my list:

I got these babies a couple nights ago and they are just itching for something to be put on them!  Check out what happens to them at my new blog @ Living to Craft later in the week!

Fourth {and final} order of business:
 I need feedback from you guys!  
What BLOGGING tutorial or tip do you want?  What do you want to do with your blog, but don't know how to start?  Do you want to make and add a button?  Anything else you were wondering about blogging?


Pickles and Pot roast

That has been the most exciting thing that happened today so far!  I had pickles and pot roast for lunch.

Oh and ive got to 50 posts!  More of a personal goal though... Now lets get to 100!


A Little Crafting On a Warm Night...

Well I actually don't think it was a warm night... I was just thinking of a creative title...

Anyways... On to what I am about to show you!  It is really very simple, but I am in love with the way they turned out! 

I had my mom save a couple Pringles cans for me which wasn't too hard because it's my brothers favorite chip food.

{click on the picture for a larger view}

I need feedback!  Do you prefer the collage picture above for tutorials or written out step with pictures like i have here????  Comment to reply!


The First Few Days of Summer...

Were filled with a little lot of Sewing, Family Time, and Sleeping!
Sweater:Macy's, Tank top & Jeans: Old Navy, Camisole: Justice

I haven't posted in quite a while and i'm sorry for that, but it's finally Summer!  
On Thursday, right after school came out I had a Girl Scout meeting and we worked on sewing quilts for a charity.  More will probably come about that later... 

This is the quilt top I finished on Friday. 

On Friday, I spent the whole day sewing and with my grandparents who are staying for the weekend at our house.  

Sneak Peak at what I am making!  There will be more about it and other projects to come in a later post!

We went to my brother's soccer game in the afternoon and it was hot out.  Crazy hot!
Then came a lovely night for dinner on the deck! 

I spent Saturday sewing as well and am currently trying to decide which project to start next! 
I really want to make some kind of quilted place mats...

Then off to another of my brother's soccer games...
This time, it was Crazy Cold!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner.  Yum Yum!

My cousin's dance recital was next and it was quite amazing.  Forest Grove Dance Arts presented "Give My Regards to Broadway"  It was a mix of ballet, tap, acrobatics, and other dances.   

And as you can tell by the next four pictures, she is constantly moving. 

Then she finally stopped and let me take a couple pictures :)

Well, I will leave you with that for now and I promise, this summer i will try to post as often as possible!


Blog Button!

I figured it out!  How to make a blog button!  So feel free now to put my button on your blog! 

Please let me know if the code doesn't work as this is my first time making one of them and I will fix it!

There may be a tutorial for how to make a blog button soon...


Im apoligizing...

For my lack of blogging!  It has been a tough past couple weeks with lots of homework and a trip to the beach over memorial day weekend... I will get back to it though!  I promise!

Until later,