Satin Flower Tutorial

Finally I have time to post this tutorial as promised!

So here goes nothing! It only takes 5 easy steps!
Tutorial for a Satin Flower!

Here is the one i made.  You can have fun and twist the directions to fit what you are looking for!


  • Satin- {or any shiny fabric that will melt when burnt instead of just burning}
  • Lighter/matches
  • Hot glue gun
  • Filler beads or anything you desire to put in the center

Step one:
Cut 5 circles out of your fabric.  they should be smaller than the one before it like these:

***the wrinkles were ironed out before I burned them!

Step two:
Burn the 5 circles around the edges so they turn up towards the middle.
Step three:Hot glue each circle on top of each other.

Step four:
Put a big blob of glue in the center of the smallest circle on top.  Then push the beads {or whatever you decided to use} into the glue so they cover the blob.

Step five:
Glue a bobby pin on the back.  Or you could just glue it straight to a headband, but this way you can wear it different ways with or without a headband! 

Hopefully there will be some more tutorials in the near future!

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