This is where I went this past weekend! :

It was a blast! I went with two friends and my dad...

I tried to take pictures... as you can tell I didn't do very well...

(I got 5 pics on the mountain, and over 25 in the car...)

Casey didn't want pictures so the ones on the mountain and in the car were of Anna and I

We went to Timberline on Mt. Hood. It was a beautiful day with GORGEOUS weather!

On the way to the mountain and back from the mountain we made ourselves pretty... with sparkly blue eyeliner and H O T pink mascara...

Most picture were jsut PLAIN goofy! Thats what I call CRAZY girls my age!

Afterwards, I was exhausted so I took a nice, hot shower and went to bed!

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p.s. The Satin Flower Tutorial is soon to come! I promise!


Look what I made!

Otherwise stated as "Look what I had time to do!"
I made a Satin Flower Hair thing!
Tutorial to come!!!!
This is what the "flower" part looks like:
I attached a bobby pin so I didn't have to wear it with the headband or the headband could be used for other things as well...
And here it is as on a headband!

As I said, Tutorial is to come in the next week!

Well that's all I had time for so until next time, C ya!

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One little thing...

I have been posting pictures...

My camera is the worst.

Which is why I might sound a little selfish, but I need a new camera!

Thats why it is on my birthday list!

So I need YOUR help figuring out which kind to get.

What kind do you think?

I need:

  • Something portable
  • Something that takes AWESOME pictures
  • Something that I can make a super cute camera strap for like these:

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Beaded Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

I have now made two of these and love them! I am soon to make more as gifts! So I have decided to show you how to make them as well! Materials:

Satin Ribbon
Beads or Pearls
Embroidery Floss
***Note: In this tutorial I use gold string and blue beads (not very many). It is up to you and your creativity to figure out how many beads you want to use and your colors!***

Measure the ribbon to the length you want your necklace to be. Make sure to include the extra length for the bow.

Find the center of the ribbon and a few inches away on both sides of the ribbon tie a knot.

Take your Embroidery Floss and cut about a 12-inch piece.

Use only 1 of the 6 strands on the piece you cut and thread it through your needle.

Next comes the hard part. You are going to sew the beads onto the satin ribbon. Try to do it as best as you can using the pictures to help you. Basically you are just weaving the ribbon and sewing the ribbon to the beads.

Knot the Embroidery floss as close to the knot in the ribbon as you can and cut the excess off.

Make sure the ends of the ribbon are equal in length and the length you want them and then burn the ends to keep them from fraying.

Tie a loose knot or bow on the end and voila!

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Super Bowl Sunday

Super bowl Sunday was spent with my family around the TV and went a little like this:

8:00 Others went to church and I slept in trying to get over my cold.
10:00 I woke up and took a shower then attempted to curl my hair for the next two hours... as well as cleaned up my room a bit...
1:00 Made granola bars as a snack and helped my mom make "super bowl snacks" otherwise known as making a mess... 2:00 For an hour, I worked on organizing my projects on the computer and updated my blog a bit...
3:00 Snacked on granola bars... yum!

4:00 Family came and we excitedly watched the football game (more the commercials) with the fire spreading warmth

and ate all this very (not) healthy food...

5:00 wrote this bog post while watching the second half of the super bowl
And at 7:30 I plan to watch GLEE!!!!!!!
As well as all this fun stuff that I did, I got to wear my favorite GREEN fuzzy socks!

So thats how my exciting Super Bowl Sunday went, how did your's go?

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I believe I am slowly figuring out all the tips and tricks to blogging! So far its been kinda challenging, but super fun!

As you can tell, I have done a personalized header and signature.

(I will be sharing how I did those soon....)

And since the header that I made yesterday was temperary, I am now off to make a new one!

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...I was supposed to go skiing

...I was supposed to have fun with Casey

...I was supposed to come home worn out


Instead I am sick. With a fever. It stinks.

Except the good things like:

  • Watching Twilight
  • Staying in bed all day
  • Crafting (when my mom tells me to sleep)

So I guess there can be a plus side to being sick...

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New At This...

I'm new to the blogging world!
So bear with me as I am figuring it out!

I'm hoping to post at least once a week, but I'm not sure if that will happen as much as I want too.

My title of my blog: Live, Laugh, Love, was chosen because... well it pretty much explains itself!

More to come soon!