Simply Saturdays have CHANGED!

Ok, so if you know me, i get pretty bored with things quickly. Or run out of ideas.

(sorry i wasn't able to do the last two saturdays because i have been gone...)

Soooooooo i decided to change the subject of them. To randoms! I will post 3 random things

about me each saturday!

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New Blog Name!

I have changed the blog name to

Living By Day and Night

It was inspired by a night sky presentation that i saw over spring break! speaking of spring break, there will be a new series about my fun adventure coming soon!

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No inspiration...

So this is what i came up with...
5 reasons I love spring break:
  • Its warm and sunny (if you travel away)
  • Its a break from homework
  • Its relaxing and a time to catch up with projects
  • Its a great time to blog! (I will not be posting if i can't get Internet...)
can't wait!
last but not least, BECOME A FOLLOWER and SHARE this blog with others!
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Simply Saturday Series- Post 1!

So, as my first post of simply saturdays, I just have to say that most of them will be about how unorganized I am! Here goes nothing!
My "craft supplies"!!
These are not all of them, but this is where I throw scraps or where I put supplies I use for simple projects!
In the corner of my bed room!

As you can tell, there are many things in this bag including;
measuring tape
and many other crafty doo-dads!
From the looks of that, im thinkin i should probably start being a bit more organized!

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Simply Saturday

Ok. i know i haven't posted in a loooooong time, so from now on i have a plan to make Spring Saturdays a day for blogging. on a certain subject. a simply saturday series, i will post about one random item in my house. the series will continue through march, april, and may. {there will be other posts so i wont bore you with ONLY simply saturdays!} i will describe it and tell where it came from {if i can remember}.
and i promise i will get the tutorial for the satin flower up soon! and post more often!
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