Just a little too much...

Well i don't think it has stopped raining since sunday night when it started.  

Its just a little too much for my liking :)

right now i am...

right now i am...
at 5:00 pm on Sunday, November 20, 2011...
Watching: The time

Eating: nothing...  but waiting for dinner...

Drinking: water, yes in a thermos-type cup...

Wearing: sweater: Macy's (i think...) top: Old Navy jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Payless

shoes look like this:
Womens BrashWomen's Taylor Tall Slouch Boot

Avoiding: homework

Feeling: happy, tired, sad that it is a sunday night...

Missing: my other ring.  i lost it.

Thankful: That it is only a 2 day week!

Weather: dark.  cold.

Praying: that these next 2 days will fly by and then we will get to thanksgiving!!
Pinned Image
Needing: a puppy. but that wont happen.
Thinking: that i really don't want to write a brief for mock trials in social studies

Dreaming: that i will snow.  
Loving: my new camera. and loving that its only a week away until i can go skiing!
canon rebel t3


Early Christmas Present

I got a SLR Canon Rebel! 
its the canon rebel T3 version incase you were wondering :)

Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera

I wanted to be able to use it for thanksgiving and the holidays this year so i got it early! 
and i'm LOVING it!

so far i only have the lens it came with, 
{the 18-55mm lens}
but i  know i want some more in the future!
{there's your hint :)}
or if you just wanted to suggest what lens i should consider buying next, that would help a lot!

i know, i know, i have to post more often! and there are some days off of school coming up and so i'm hoping to catch up with blogging then... 

At the moment, i am squeezing this very blog post in with all of my other homework...

i will leave you now with some pictures i took with that very camera ^ up there!

I admit, i need some more variety.  but nature is kinda the most interesting thing to photograph around my place 'cuz we dont have a pet of any kind :)

thats why im excited for thanksgiving, because we will be traveling to new scenery :)
more on that to come... probably after thanksgiving...


a giveaway...

Not mine! but i thought i would get another entry let you know of Little Miss Momma's giveaway! 

she is giving a silhoutte cameo. 
i figured its worth a shot! 

this will be a lonely post for a while... 
maybe thanksgiving i will post again...


I dont know if uve noticed, but a lot of blogs are giving away the same thing... so i will also enter 
I heart nap time's! 



i have been {M}issing {I}n {A}ction around here in the blogging world...

And i will be for at least another weekend....

Tomorrow my soccer team leaves for the beach... 

I can't wait it should be so much fun!

Tonight there is a football game...

And i have quite a bit of homework...

So i may post on Sunday about the beach or even maybe about Halloween...

but you never know...

because homework has seemed to take a higher priority then blogging at this moment in my life...

so until i post again, 

adios, amigos!