Outfit post.

So.  Remember the photo shoot at Spanky's? 

Well i wore one of the new shirts i got the other day!
And i got a haircut too.

Shirt: Spanky's, Cami: Target, Shorts: Old Navy Jeans-refashioned, Belt: F21, Necklace: F21,
{I was wearing TOMS too but this was a last-minute thing and was shot in my front yard}

Not quite sure if I am liking the necklace.

Love the shirt tho!


My first modeling job.

Today.  Casey and I had a modeling/photo shoot job.  We know the owner of Spanky's in Vancouver, WA.  She offered us the job.  It was a lot of fun!  We chose outfits to wear for the shoot and then we got to shop around for ourselves!  



and shopping!
I got some super cute tops for cheap prices.  I am so excited to go back soon and maybe sell some things there too!   Im sure you will see some tops in some pictures on here soon!  


Tree to Tree

Tree to Tree is an adventure park near Hagg Lake in Forest Grove, Oregon that is a high ropes course.  there are many challenges and tough parts, but it is still fun!  We went with Casey's family and my cousin/aunt/uncle's family.  It was a blast!  I can't wait to go back and try it again!  You should check it out if you live in the area!

At the beginning

Learning how!! yay!

Slow and steady!

There were 4 levels.  Green, Blue, Red, and Black

Next course...

Part of the blue course

Zip lining!  the best part! {that is not me btw}

attempting the junkyard

Lily {left} and Serena {right} did the kids course!


Add caption

At lunch in the shade.  It could have been a little cooler...

Overall, it was an amazing day with family, friends, a ropes course, and excellent weather!


The Rummage Sale Box

Has been covered! It is new and refurbished.  

Heres what it started as.

Then we ripped tissue paper and covered the drawers and outsides in decoupage.

Poked a hole through the tissue where it covered the hole for the handle.

Found a couple corks and screws.  Cut the corks in half.

Painted them white.

Waxed the rail-type things inside the box.

Painted the whole thing with varnish.

Let them dry.

pretty, huh?


My Interest in Pinterest

{That title was kinda cheesy, wasn't it??}

so.  for those of you who don't know what Pinterest is.  go check it out here.  just cuz Im too lazy to explain it.  sorry. 

i am on Pinterest.  you can look at my boards and follow me here.

Opera @ the Park

Anna was in Carmen.  It was last sunday.

It was so nice to just be able to sit at the park and listen to some opera in another language besides english.  

she only had to perform in the very beginning so we got to hang for the rest. 

Lots and lots of pics!


Yesterday was thursday.

A list of what made it such an exciting day!
1. I had Amy over.  
2. My brother had a friend over. (Amy nick-named him Squirrely!)
3. We went to Slappy Cakes.
4. We went to a rummage sale.
5. We rode too small, old bikes down to the rummage sale to donate.
6. We refurbished what we bought at the rummage sale.

so first.  Slappy Cakes.  That was fun but sadly i forgot to bring my camera!!! For those of you who don't know, slappy cakes is a fun place where you pick out your pancake batter, toppings, and fixings for inside and make your own pancakes right there in front of you! Its a lot of fun and yummy! between the five of us, we got some pretty crazy stuff to put in them.  Bacon, lemon curd, cheddar cheese, and roasted mushrooms. 
amy says that the cheddar cheese/mushroom pancake is delicious!

second.  The rummage sale.  We (amy and i) spent $6.50 on stuff. 

Organizational things.

Oregon Duck Dice!

Xmas tree topper for december, and decor for my room the rest of the year!

can always use a shaker thing!

More organizational containers.

And a set of drawers.  That you will hear MORE about in a later post.

There was another two votives that Amy got as well.