Simply Saturday {and the new fad i'm into}

well...  this weekend is very relaxing as it is Memorial Day Weekend and I have Monday off of school so we went to the beach!  I'm sure there will be pictures to come!  

1.  I absolutely love the beach!  I love how the towns are so small and you can stay right on the beach and go to it anytime you want!
2.  I am into couponing... {more about that below}
3.  I would much more prefer riding my bike over running or walking!

Now onto the good stuff! - 
I have spent wayyyyy too much time with Anna and have begun to get into couponing!  
Not extreme though... I am just going to take it slow and learn the tips and tricks first...  
I'm sure there will be more to come in the future about that as well!

 *** If you would want to, and if you get the Sunday Oregonian, you can give me the ad inserts!  that would be much appreciated!  
There tend to be different ones depending on where you live so the three that would work are Red Plum, SmartSource, and Proctor & Gamble!***


Tutorial: Another flower...

****I apologize for this being so late, but it has been in the works for a couple weeks now and I just got around to finishing it today!****

Sorry for all the flowers... I'm sure you must get sick of them after a while...  
I don't know if I have many more flowers after this one though!
They are very easy and simple, but they look so professional!

Here goes!  
Step One:  Cut 5 or 6 circles out of fabric.

Step two:  Fold each circle in half, and then in half again to make a wedge.  Iron the wedges.  These make the petals of your flower!

Step three:  Sew a running stitch along the open and rounded edge of each petal, connecting each one to the first without cutting the thread in between petals. 

Step four:  Once you get to the end of the last petal, pull the thread so it gathers the petals in a circle.  Then tie it off tightly. 

Step five:  Next you are making the center of the flower.  Cut a strip of fabric however long you want.  Hot glue and twist the fabric to make a coil-type of circle.  Cut off the end if the strip is too long.  

Step six:  Hot glue the coil to the middle of the petals and Voila!

***Optional: Glue to a bobby pin, hair clip, headband, or anything else you think works!***

More to come!


We have reached it!

My friend Amy, over at Lovin' Life, has had a challenge on getting to 1000 page views...  
And I would just like to say, we have done it!  

Now, lets go for 2,000...


Simply Saturday

This weeks theme is...  What I LOVE about Weekends!
  1. the best part is...  Sleeping in until about 11 am every week!
  2. parties with friends! Yesterday, we had a Zumba party!  fun fun!  
  3. soooo much more time to craft and create tutorials for you!
Update for bloggy world:
School- I have been pretty busy with an Oxford Project for Social Studies...  Among other homework...  We have just about 18 days of school left! eek!  
Outside of school- I'm hanging with friends and trying to go for bike rides or at least get outside now that the weather is warmer!  {its supposed to rain this week... :( } 
Crafting- I have lots of projects started! I will have a post soon about the projects!  I am so excited to get started on them!  I have also been doing a lot of little crafts, so be prepared for some detailed tutorials in the next couple weeks!  

***Posts soon to come:  Tutorial on Tuesday and Current Projects!


the many cards i've made this week...

My tutorial for this week is not really a tutorial...  its more of me just sharing...  
I am thinking of maybe posting another one this week if I can/have time...

There are many birthdays in the month of may.... so of course i have to make a lot of b-day cards as well as mother's day cards!!!

here are a few i did.... I would appreciate any more ideas!  

Email me with ideas here or just leave a comment!  


Simply Saturday

So I know this is a little late, but better late than never! 
This weeks theme:  family and pets

1.  I have one younger brother named Jordan
2. I have had many fish, but never a dog {i really want one though!}
3. I have lots and lots of distant cousins who i can't even name!


Happy Birthday to Jordan!

My Brother...  Is turning 11 years old!  To celebrate in Bloggy World I will tell you a cute story about my brother!

When he was little, my dad used to call him Buddy all the time.  So when we were at a laker game or some sports game, a group of teenagers said hi to him saying "hi buddy!" They said that as we were leaving the park/field and after they did Jordan turned to my dad and asked, "how did they know my name?"  

I love you, Buddy!  Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

She is a great person and friend!  She is a twin, but wanted her own post, so here you go!  Her and her sister don't always get along that well and often end up in a tangle!

Her and her twin!  On the slopes of Mt. Hood!

Happy Birthday!

She is the twin of Sam and is the one who always make you laugh!

Abby is the one in black and Sam is facing towards the camera in blue!


Tutorial: Gathered Ribbon Flowers

I made these puppies for some friends of mine since i needed something quick and easy to give them... And they are!    Simple and Easy!  Here is the tutorial:

Materials needed:
  • Ribbon (doesn't matter if it has wire or not)
  • Sewing Thread 
  • Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Button
  • Hair clip/bobby pin (optional)
***I found that the ribbon with the wire actually works a little better because the thread will stay in the ribbon and you wont take that chance of the ribbon fraying there.

Step 1:
To secure the ends of the ribbon and make sure they don't unravel, burn the ends slightly so they melt and have a hard ending.

Step 2:
Cut about a 9 inch piece of ribbon.

Step 3:
Sew a running stitch right along one of the edges. (if it has wire, sew right along the inside of the wire)
Step 4:
Pull the two ends of the sewing thread together so the ribbon bunches up and creates a circle.
Step 5:
Tie the two ends of the sewing thread together.

Step 6:
Hot glue (you could also sew it) on a button or embellishment.
Step 7: {optional}
Glue or sew a hair clip or something similar on the back!

Here are a few I made for friends...

Cute but also super easy!


New Poll!

Wordle: VOTE

I say you should vote!  Poll closes on June 1st.


Simply Saturday

Just a quick one today as I don't have much to say...

I seem to have started having theme's to Simply Saturdays so this week will be 

1. I don't have a favorite song, artist, or album.  I just listen to what ever is on the radio.  

2. I had a piano recital this morning.  {sorry, its not that random...}

3. I have taken piano lessons for about 7 years now. 


Happy Birthday!

To My BFF, Anna Martin!
She's 13!
She is one of my closest friends that I've known the longest!  She has been with me through everything and we have done almost everything together!  She is my crafting buddy, ski buddy, and everything buddy!  She has a fabulous blog, check it out here!  

I love you!  Have the best birthday ever!

Here are some of the fun times we have had together!

Car rides!

Outdoor School!


Bus Rides!

Candy and Blue Tongues!

Happy Birthday to a FABULOUS girl!


Happy Birthday to Casey!

Casey Lum is turning 13!
She is an amazing person!  We have so much fun when we spend time together and our brothers like to hang out which means we get more time together!  I Love You!

Some pictures of our fun times together:
Outdoor School


Ski trip  {she would not stay still for a picture so this is what she gets on her birthday!}

Fun Family Vacations!

One of the most exciting things about having Casey as a friend, is all the exploring of new sites and trips we take with our families!  We've been practically everywhere!