Wallowa Lake {the first couple days}

***WARNING*** there will be a lot of pictures in this post.  

Wallowa lake.  You know that place I went a couple weeks ago?  That I never told you about? Well here it is.  Its over in eastern Oregon and we go with friends and family for a week every year.  

Its the little red dot.  

We stayed at Trout haven, a place where we have been staying for my whole life.  We rent out probably half the cabins!

A synopsis of what we spend our week doing:
enjoying the view, tubing, fishing, eating, goofing around, playing, and sleeping.

There are wayyyy too many pictures to put them all into one post so I will just do a couple days at a time.

Here are the pictures from the first 2 days {or the best from 200+}:

Wallowa Mountains

First day tubing

The big kids


We got our moms to go!

the funny photos

Me and friends

the Kids.  Who were there the first days. 

Teeter totters! fun fun! One of the many highlights

Italian Sodas

The Girls.  Minus Cousin Lily.

First night fishing I caught 3 fish!

That's all you are gonna get for now! The rest of the week will come in a few later posts! 

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