Wallowa Lake {the final days}

Well.  Here we are.  the final days.  which are probably the most interesting of all :) 


More tubing

One ride with grandma!

And more.

Annual dinner at Vali's! 

Oh boy! My mouth is watering just looking at it! Yummy! Indian fry bread {with garlic} and goulash! 

Go Karting after dinner!

Me and Kylee

We had the whole track to ourselves! fun fun!

Matt and Jordan

Kennedy and Me

Annual jump! Usually after dark, but we did it at noon this time because one had to leave early!

A few card games.

Then came the rodeo!

scary to watch!





My aunt and dad double skiing!

One last tube ride... sad...

and one last happy hour...
I can't believe the year has already flown by! It was so much fun and of course, I can't wait to go next year!

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