A quick run down of christmas...

So I already posted about the past year.  but not about christmas. so heres a quick post with pictures about how my Christmas went.  then i will move onto completing starting my homework, due in 2 days...

Christmas Eve- Church service and dinner at grandparent's house. i guess i didn't take any photos that day...

Christmas day- woke up at 7 and opened presents. 
{when i was little, i used to wake up around 3 AM.  i don't know how i did it.}
Not to sound selfish- but just to show... here are some of the goodies i received.

 Stella & Dot necklace. Love it! 
 My absolute favorite new nail polish. OPI Hows it snowin?
 the red ones pretty nice too.  takes more coats to make it look good tho.  red- OPI Animal-istic
 an abundance of gift cards.  
 Many photography books! Just what i needed.  and Just Dance 2 for Wii. 
 You probably don't care that much about this one, but this is probably THE BEST peppermint patty ive ever had!
I didn't actually get these, i was just practicing with the bokeh, or blur. 
pretty good for the first time, eh?

ya ok. now onto celebrating the New Year! 

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