2012 New Years resolutions

so i know this is kinda late. but i still want to post them cuz if i dont, it will probably be even less likely i will follow through with them. so here goes nothin!

1. this is a small one, but its something i got to do!
floss once a day. every day. for the next bajillion years. or at least until i die.

2. dont procrastinate. especially with homework and assignments. oh and projects... (like the science fair)

3. travel. but thats out of my control as i dont have enough money and im in 8th grade. ya. but this year we are traveling alot! thanks to my fathers business trips! we are going to Deer Valley, Hawaii, and Arizona... just to name a few. all within about 1 month... id like to travel somewhen more exciting. or somewhere i havent been before. but this is a start!

4. oh ya. of course. Keep up this blog! try to post regularly. or at least more craft tutorials!

5. cook more. or try to.

6. Learn how to use my canon rebel t3 better. teach myself and take some classes! take more photos.

7. do a photo 365 project. i will take one photo everyday. of anything. small, big, exciting, boring. anything! i will post them when i have the chance but there might be a few posted on one day. if u know what i mean... just warning you in advance. i have done it so far! so we will see how this goes!

ok well thats 7. thats enough. for now. as it is 10:50 at nite and i have school tomorrow! i will add more if i think of some...

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