Photo 365 Project: Week 1

So. This is the first week of the Photo 365 Project! Im very excited to keep this going because at the end of the year i know it will be fun to reflect.  This week has 8 days, sunday through sunday, but every other week will only have monday's through sunday's! ok here we go!

January 1, Science fair project.

January 2, More science fair project.
 I promise there will be not be anymore about the science fair.  unless i get one on the actual night of the fair.  ok moving on.  
January 3, I discovered 'Blogpress' for iphone/ipod. and i wrote my resolutions.  

January 4, My ABSOLUTE favorite chapstick.  the minty flavor.  TO-DIE-FOR. I cannot live without it!

January 5, Alice in Wonderland. Finally done.  As a project for school, it was really boring.  

January 6, Playing around with shutter speed and light. 

January 7, had to clean this mess.  thats about the most exciting thing that happened that day :)

January 8, The sun was BEAUTIFUL before we headed to church! You could see the rays through the trees... oh my goodness. it was gorgeous.  

ok. week one down, 51 more to go! 

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