Photo 365 Project: Weeks 3 and 4

Ok so i have been slacking a bit.  But here's the past 2 weeks photos:

January 16, Snow at the Beach!

January 17, Treacherous journey home.

January 18, new hairstyle!
January 19, I am loving this color- found here

January 20, Water Marbling technique worked much better the 2nd time! info and tutorials found here on my pinterest board.  

January 21, Scrabble Tournament! I didn't play, just watched!

January 22, My beautiful friend.  We took pictures and got some ideas from pinterest.  

January 23, Girl Scouts.  We have finally gotten started and have continued with our Silver Award.

January 24, photography.

January 25, Pizza.  Yum.

January 26, Time with the fam.

January 27, Took more pictures with friends.  maybe i will post some.  they turned out great.  who can't resist this little pup?

January 28, Made some Reese's PB Cookies... YUM! will post the recipe soon...

January 29, More time with the fam on a sunday!

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