Jazz up YOUR blog!

My last post in the Jazz up YOUR blog series is a simple short list of 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Better!

1. Include Pictures.
Most of your readers don't want to read pages of text.  Use bullet points, pictures and other visuals to break up lots of text.  

2. Going on a holiday? 
Don't let your blog die.  Write and schedule some good posts or have guests post and to be published ahead of time.  

3. Keep it simple.  
Don't clutter your blog with ads, widgets, or non-useful items.  

4. Make it easy for readers to contact you.  
Broadcast your email or the way readers can contact you easily and have it visible.

5. No inspiration?
Read!  Read anything you can to get inspiration.  If you find something, write it down so you don't forget!

6. Comment and link to popular blogs. 
You will get more traffic to your blog by promoting yourself on other blogs!

7. Respond to comments.    
If readers leave a interesting comment or have a question, reply back!

8. Sign up for Site Meter.
This way you can view what pages get looked at and how many people visit your blog!

9. Try writing about what your readers might want.
Include how-to's and keep your readers interested!

10. Have a theme. 
Incorporate your blogs background, header and name into a theme and stick to it.   It's okay to change it up just keep it consistent!

For a while on Tuesdays, I will keep it as a 'tutorial tuesday' and post craft tutorials!  It will definitely keep me busy!

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