Simply Saturday

This weeks theme is...  What I LOVE about Weekends!
  1. the best part is...  Sleeping in until about 11 am every week!
  2. parties with friends! Yesterday, we had a Zumba party!  fun fun!  
  3. soooo much more time to craft and create tutorials for you!
Update for bloggy world:
School- I have been pretty busy with an Oxford Project for Social Studies...  Among other homework...  We have just about 18 days of school left! eek!  
Outside of school- I'm hanging with friends and trying to go for bike rides or at least get outside now that the weather is warmer!  {its supposed to rain this week... :( } 
Crafting- I have lots of projects started! I will have a post soon about the projects!  I am so excited to get started on them!  I have also been doing a lot of little crafts, so be prepared for some detailed tutorials in the next couple weeks!  

***Posts soon to come:  Tutorial on Tuesday and Current Projects!

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