Tutorial: Gathered Ribbon Flowers

I made these puppies for some friends of mine since i needed something quick and easy to give them... And they are!    Simple and Easy!  Here is the tutorial:

Materials needed:
  • Ribbon (doesn't matter if it has wire or not)
  • Sewing Thread 
  • Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Button
  • Hair clip/bobby pin (optional)
***I found that the ribbon with the wire actually works a little better because the thread will stay in the ribbon and you wont take that chance of the ribbon fraying there.

Step 1:
To secure the ends of the ribbon and make sure they don't unravel, burn the ends slightly so they melt and have a hard ending.

Step 2:
Cut about a 9 inch piece of ribbon.

Step 3:
Sew a running stitch right along one of the edges. (if it has wire, sew right along the inside of the wire)
Step 4:
Pull the two ends of the sewing thread together so the ribbon bunches up and creates a circle.
Step 5:
Tie the two ends of the sewing thread together.

Step 6:
Hot glue (you could also sew it) on a button or embellishment.
Step 7: {optional}
Glue or sew a hair clip or something similar on the back!

Here are a few I made for friends...

Cute but also super easy!

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