Simply Saturday {and the new fad i'm into}

well...  this weekend is very relaxing as it is Memorial Day Weekend and I have Monday off of school so we went to the beach!  I'm sure there will be pictures to come!  

1.  I absolutely love the beach!  I love how the towns are so small and you can stay right on the beach and go to it anytime you want!
2.  I am into couponing... {more about that below}
3.  I would much more prefer riding my bike over running or walking!

Now onto the good stuff! - 
I have spent wayyyyy too much time with Anna and have begun to get into couponing!  
Not extreme though... I am just going to take it slow and learn the tips and tricks first...  
I'm sure there will be more to come in the future about that as well!

 *** If you would want to, and if you get the Sunday Oregonian, you can give me the ad inserts!  that would be much appreciated!  
There tend to be different ones depending on where you live so the three that would work are Red Plum, SmartSource, and Proctor & Gamble!***

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