painting on shoe box lids.

***Updated--I guess this never posted?  Let me know if it did.  Im kinda confused on that!  So I will re-post it today! 

In the process of redecorating and refurbishing my room, I have decided to make most of the things I hang on the wall and decided I just possibly couldn't pass this idea up!


Notice how perfect and how well it was done?  Well here goes my version of it!  :)

I was a little creative and just used the basic idea!

Step one- Collect shoe box lids that have little to no damage to them.  
Lay out a lot of newspaper and start with white spray paint.

Step two- Spray them all, even the sides, with white spray paint primer. {or in my case, all we had was semi gloss white paint, but it still worked!} 

Step three- Wait for them to dry.  I probably left them for 1-2 hrs.  
then tape on the designs you want to make. I got the Chevron pattern from here

Step four- Spray paint over the lids with the colors of your choice.  I chose gray since it was simple and neutral.  {we also had it at home so i didn't have to go shopping}

The two spray pains I used were these:

Step Five- remove the tape from the lids when the paint has dried and voila! 

The American girl box didn't like the paint or tape that much and the white paint decided to come off so I had to do some white paint touch ups!

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