Super Bowl Sunday

Super bowl Sunday was spent with my family around the TV and went a little like this:

8:00 Others went to church and I slept in trying to get over my cold.
10:00 I woke up and took a shower then attempted to curl my hair for the next two hours... as well as cleaned up my room a bit...
1:00 Made granola bars as a snack and helped my mom make "super bowl snacks" otherwise known as making a mess... 2:00 For an hour, I worked on organizing my projects on the computer and updated my blog a bit...
3:00 Snacked on granola bars... yum!

4:00 Family came and we excitedly watched the football game (more the commercials) with the fire spreading warmth

and ate all this very (not) healthy food...

5:00 wrote this bog post while watching the second half of the super bowl
And at 7:30 I plan to watch GLEE!!!!!!!
As well as all this fun stuff that I did, I got to wear my favorite GREEN fuzzy socks!

So thats how my exciting Super Bowl Sunday went, how did your's go?

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