Beaded Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

I have now made two of these and love them! I am soon to make more as gifts! So I have decided to show you how to make them as well! Materials:

Satin Ribbon
Beads or Pearls
Embroidery Floss
***Note: In this tutorial I use gold string and blue beads (not very many). It is up to you and your creativity to figure out how many beads you want to use and your colors!***

Measure the ribbon to the length you want your necklace to be. Make sure to include the extra length for the bow.

Find the center of the ribbon and a few inches away on both sides of the ribbon tie a knot.

Take your Embroidery Floss and cut about a 12-inch piece.

Use only 1 of the 6 strands on the piece you cut and thread it through your needle.

Next comes the hard part. You are going to sew the beads onto the satin ribbon. Try to do it as best as you can using the pictures to help you. Basically you are just weaving the ribbon and sewing the ribbon to the beads.

Knot the Embroidery floss as close to the knot in the ribbon as you can and cut the excess off.

Make sure the ends of the ribbon are equal in length and the length you want them and then burn the ends to keep them from fraying.

Tie a loose knot or bow on the end and voila!

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