This is where I went this past weekend! :

It was a blast! I went with two friends and my dad...

I tried to take pictures... as you can tell I didn't do very well...

(I got 5 pics on the mountain, and over 25 in the car...)

Casey didn't want pictures so the ones on the mountain and in the car were of Anna and I

We went to Timberline on Mt. Hood. It was a beautiful day with GORGEOUS weather!

On the way to the mountain and back from the mountain we made ourselves pretty... with sparkly blue eyeliner and H O T pink mascara...

Most picture were jsut PLAIN goofy! Thats what I call CRAZY girls my age!

Afterwards, I was exhausted so I took a nice, hot shower and went to bed!

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p.s. The Satin Flower Tutorial is soon to come! I promise!

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