The First Few Days of Summer...

Were filled with a little lot of Sewing, Family Time, and Sleeping!
Sweater:Macy's, Tank top & Jeans: Old Navy, Camisole: Justice

I haven't posted in quite a while and i'm sorry for that, but it's finally Summer!  
On Thursday, right after school came out I had a Girl Scout meeting and we worked on sewing quilts for a charity.  More will probably come about that later... 

This is the quilt top I finished on Friday. 

On Friday, I spent the whole day sewing and with my grandparents who are staying for the weekend at our house.  

Sneak Peak at what I am making!  There will be more about it and other projects to come in a later post!

We went to my brother's soccer game in the afternoon and it was hot out.  Crazy hot!
Then came a lovely night for dinner on the deck! 

I spent Saturday sewing as well and am currently trying to decide which project to start next! 
I really want to make some kind of quilted place mats...

Then off to another of my brother's soccer games...
This time, it was Crazy Cold!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner.  Yum Yum!

My cousin's dance recital was next and it was quite amazing.  Forest Grove Dance Arts presented "Give My Regards to Broadway"  It was a mix of ballet, tap, acrobatics, and other dances.   

And as you can tell by the next four pictures, she is constantly moving. 

Then she finally stopped and let me take a couple pictures :)

Well, I will leave you with that for now and I promise, this summer i will try to post as often as possible!

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